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Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire, often referred to as the king of all solitaires, is one of the most popular variants of Solitaire.
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About Spider Solitaire

At first glance spider solitaire may look difficult and mind boggling to many, but with expertise and practice it can be mastered quite easily.
It is an addictive form of solitaire game that gained popularity because of its unique nature of play. Hence it is often called "king of all Solitaries".

Spider Solitaire is a classic 2 deck game that was voted seventh most popular game among the Solitaire users.
It is a difficult game that requires skill and patience. There are ten tableau piles and the group of cards can be moved together in a unit if a sequence had been built regardless of the pile.
However it is very easy to get blocked in the game. One can get blocked when one build out of a suit or when cards get dealt from a stock on to a sequence.
An average player can win spider up to ten percent of the time whereas a good player can win up to 33 percent of time and it is analyzed that the best possible score so far head been fifty percent.

Spider solitaire became the third solitaire game to be included in the Windows ME along with free cell and Klondike.
This has contributed widely to popularity of the game. Since this had been widely criticized for being difficult, windows ME had developed two newer versions of the game, namely, one suit and two suits.
Spider solitaire includes many variations such as beetle, scorpion, spideratte, spider solitaire one suit, spider solitaire two suits and so on.
The new spider solitaire includes many modified versions of classic spider solitaire such as Baker's spider, cone spider, double baker's spider, double fan spider and many more.

Rules of the game
The main objective of the game is to play the lower value card on the higher ones of the same suit in a sequential manner similar to other forms of solitaire games.
It involves two decks i.e. 54 cards which are dealt into ten piles. Among these ten piles, six cards are dealt into first four piles and five cards to the remaining ones.
Top card of the each pile is made visible. The focus is to build eight sequences down following the suit and then move them to eight foundations. One can build tableau piles down regardless of the suit.
However it is to be noted that one cannot build a king upon an ace and only one card can be moved at a time. When any of the so called tableaus are empty, one can always fill the space with any card or group of cards.

Tips and strategies to win spider solitaire:
1. Whenever you have a choice try to make natural builds since. It can be moved as a unit to be constructed anywhere else. This allows the player to expose a hidden card which may now be made available to play.
2. Uncover hidden cards whenever possible since it helps to make new moves or to empty the waste pile.
3. Try to make empty piles as soon as possible. Use empty piles as temporary storage when rearranging cards in natural builds
4. Try to build higher cards first since you cannot move out of suit build as a unit to another pile. If a player starts with low card the build will be finished with an ace quickly and will be totally useless.

Features of Spider solitaire
It avoids repetition since it supports 999 trillion shuffles, so one may not be playing the game again and again.
It also supports other common features like unlimited undo, redo, undo all and redo all options.
Each time you can play the game exactly from the point you have left before, half expecting to see the cards again and again.

Spider solitaire has become one of the personal favorite of millions of gaming freaks across the globe. Even few philosophers had been successful in kinking the game with the circle of life.
As the saying goes, "Life consists not in holding good cards but playing the ones you have in hand". Similarly when one see the hand one had been dealt with, one tend to assume what is behind the cards.
This is a dangerous act as one may tend to quit even before the game has started. This can be symbolically connected to our life in which an individual tends to settle with whatever the destiny has to offer rather than putting up a brave fight.
This is similar to the movie Groundhog day with Bill Murray, where the protagonist knows everyday what is in store for him. Though the comparison sounds absurd, Spider solitaire continues to amuse players worldwide with its challenging pattern and unconquerable standards.

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